Jermeisha Purdie 


Jermeisha Purdie, also known as Meisha, is the current President of The Purposely Rooted Collective. Meisha believes that minority women have and will continue to Change The World. Creating this safe-space for minority women to cultivate themselves and thrive, has always been Meisha's dream. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama, UAB, and SNHU and a Healthcare Consultant with a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. 

Kiandrea Hall

Vice President 

Kiandrea Hall, also known as "Ki", is the current Vice President of The Purposely Rooted Collective. Ki believes that empowering minority women to explore and pursue their God-given Purpose is the key to living a healthy and successful life. She is a Graduate of Jacksonville State University, a Licensed Master Social Worker, and Behavioral Health Therapist.