I am so thankful to have connected with PRC! I am a firm believer in You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it, and there were so many things I did not know or understand about searching for my next role until connecting with PRC! My job search has completely shifted. I was immediately sent different titles of roles that I could qualify for and resources that could also aid my growth professionally.  I even was connected to someone who has totally revamped my resume and taught me things about how the wording in my Resume and my LinkedIn will open me up to new opportunities. New opportunities and doors have already been opened in just a month and I am forever thankful! PRC has been wonderful and has given me access to not only resources but a new mindset when knowing my potential and worth and that is priceless.


In late 2021, the uncertainties of the pandemic and my desire to find a better career sent me on a quest to find a job that would make me happy. Jermeisha Purdie, through PRC, was one of the first people I messaged for assistance. Later that day I received call from her and a “career coaching” phone call followed shortly. I remember her saying “Cimone you deserve better, and we are going to find it.” She looked over my resume, gave me advice on improving my LinkedIn, and sent me a list of jobs to apply for. Over the next few months, I would receive messages from Jermeisha for job links, free/reduced-price certification courses, and conferences related to my career field. I loved that she knew what Health Informatics was and the types of jobs I wanted. Jermeisha was a magnet for recruiters and amazing at finding jobs. Even when I would get discouraged, Jermeisha would send words of affirmation and positivity. February 2022, one of the jobs Jermeisha recommended months earlier contacted me for an interview. PRC assisted with mock interviewing and salary negotiation. In March 2022, I accepted an offer for a job that aligned perfectly with my goals. It has been a wonderful year and it’s all because Jermeisha and PRC efforts, time, and expertise to assist me in finding the position of my dream. 


"Connecting with Jermeisha Purdie and PRC has been one of the most transformative events in my life in the past 3 years. During the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, I knew that I wanted to make a career pivot but didn't have all the resources I needed to make this happen. Connecting with Jermeisha was exactly what I needed. Her guidance, encouragement, and professional expertise helped me solidify my place in the tech field. I highly recommend PRC to anyone who is seeking additional assistance with employment opportunities and those who just need someone in their corner to support them along the way."